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Earlier club sauce bottles will tend to have some variety to the finish, though bottles from the s on almost always have the "classic" three-part club sauce finish Switzer ; Zumwalt The settlement grew near a crossing place on the River Calder around three roads, Westgate, Northgate and Kirkgate. Given that the lifespan of a heavily used mold for a popular generic style bottle type like this was likely just a few years, one can be confident that this bottle dates from the mids. Why waste time with nerves and disastrous dates, at Date Yorkshire Singles, we make dating easy, fun and exciting! By the mids, virtually all ketchup bottles were machine-made and had either external screw thread finishes or some other re-sealable closure, like the Goldy. Meeting new people doesn't need to be a fearful thought. The horizontally ribbed sauce pictured to the left is an early machine-made item that also had virtually identical mouth-blown counterparts. Click on the following links for more images: During the first half of the s most ketchup bottles are mouth-blown; by the last half of the s they are largely machine-made, though mouth-blown examples occurred to a small degree into the early to mid s. Click on the following links for more images of this bottle: Early history[ edit ] Flint and stone tools and later bronze and iron implements have been found at Lee Moor and Lupset in the Wakefield area showing evidence of human activity since prehistoric times. Flat panels on the body are very typical of bottles from about to at least the midth century and even today on glass ketchup bottles still being used; most ketchup now comes in plastic. In William de Warenne, 5th Earl of Surrey received a grant for a market in the town. Some less ornate designs simply have the long lower body indented and peaked panels without the upper smaller panels, or just one upper panel instead of two. This particular bottle has a crudely applied one-part extract type finish more or less , blowpipe pontil scarred base, and was hinge mold blown with certainly no evidence of mold air venting the author has never observed a pontil scarred, mold air vented bottle. The most common styles like most of the examples pictured here also have a long gradually tapering shoulder to neck portion that is distinctly taller than the body section below it.

Castleford dating sites

This style falls halfway between the two styles noted above in that the ribs spiral down or up depending on perspective the bottle with the overall "look" visually more similar to the horizontally ribbed styles than the vertically ribbed. Early 20th century examples are not uncommon in colorless or light amethyst glass Rinker ; empirical observations. It has a tooled double ring finish, was blown in a cup-bottom mold, and has multiple mold air venting marks including on the base which is a strong sign of production after into at least the early s. The so-called "beehive" sauce bottles pictured to the left and right were used by the E. We'll be with you through every step of the way and you can take the dating journey at a pace that works for you. Variations of the gothic style were in use for an extensive period and appear to not have begun to disappear until the advent of bottle making machines during the early 20th century and even lingered into the early s on bottles which may have been machine-made Obear-Nester Co. Photo to the right courtesy of Glass Works Auctions. This style is typified by the three differently colored sauce bottles pictured to the right. The pictured bottle dates from the to era based on the "improved" tooled external screw thread finish called a "screw top tool finish" by glassmakers , multiple mold air venting marks on the shoulder and possibly in the embossing pattern, a faint amethyst tint to the glass, and cup-bottom mold production - all of which point towards the first two decades of the 20th century Fairmount Glass Works The point here is that there was a lot of variety in shapes used for ketchup, particularly during the period from the s to the s. Meeting new people doesn't need to be a fearful thought. The image to the above right shows a base view of both conformations. Various terminology is used in the descriptions that may be unfamiliar if you have not studied other pages on this site. Hexagonal examples were mouth-blown produced at least as late as and possibly even into the s Cumberland Glass Co. As preparation for the impending invasion by the Spanish Armada in April , men from the wapentake of Morley and Agbrigg were summoned to Bruntcliffe near Morley with their weapons. It is not thought original but related to a re-use of the bottle as it had several holes punched in it and was likely re-used as a salt shaker or sprinkle bottle. Ketchup bottles were a standard offering from most bottle producing glass companies as evidenced by most late 19th to midth century bottle makers catalogs. These bottles look to be the precursor style to the early 20th century examples discussed here. This example has an applied double ring finish, lacks evidence of mold air venting, and is not pontil scarred on the base which is embossed with S. Both the four square and six sided hexagonal designs seem to have appeared about the same time s and both cross-section shapes continued in use to some degree as late as the early 20th century although both configurations of the style were most popular from about through the s Deiss ; empirical observations. Click on the following links to view more images of this sauce bottle: Pontil scarred examples glass-tipped, blowpipe, and iron pontil scars date from the above noted origination time to the American Civil War period. This item could simply be an example of bottle re-use, having started its life as a sauce bottle, or it could have been purchased new to contain medicine - there is no way to know for sure. Ketchup bottles are covered in the next section. The following discussions cover the two major classes of gothic sauces: One should be aware that there is a lot form and decorative variety within this category not specifically covered by the pictured bottles, though those discussed in the following are commonly encountered designs Zumwalt Climate data for Wakefield.

Castleford dating sites

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  1. Click close-up of the upper embossing pattern, neck and finish to see these features. This particular bottle was found with a crown cap on it note rust staining as the bead on the rim of this "combination" finish is exactly the right size for a typical sized crown cap.

  2. Regular mail coaches departed to Leeds , London , Manchester, York and Sheffield and the 'Strafford Arms' was an important coaching inn. At Date Yorkshire Singles you'll spend more time bonding with like minded people and less time wading through incompatible singles!

  3. The author has noted with both the square and hexagonal shapes a distinct tendency towards narrower bodied bottles as the 19th century progressed.

  4. The oil finish on this bottle, instead of the usual double ring, indicates it may have been used for catsup instead of pepper sauce, though without any identifying embossing or the original label - of which this bottle has neither - it is impossible to tell for sure.

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