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Pokemon Crystal - Winds of a New Beginning

Inside there is a Moon Stone. Return there to transform back to your normal body, then visit Jane one last time in her classroom to claim her as your slave. Rack and Val returned to their normal personalities and Ms. Second, she will command you to heal her during battle if she has more than a light injury; obeying leads to higher affection while disobeying leads to lower affection and punishments. Then jump up into the trees and you will find a gold nugget in one of the treetops. Julia is now free from Mr. Walk a little to the left and climb the rope. When she suggests that trying to learn her trick would be a waste of time, you can cast Flirt on her again. In the same scene as above, after you have confused her, you can instead cast Grapple on her when she tries to leave for a splash image an alternate enslavement sequence. The second quest is available as soon as you have completed the first. You will be able to talk to Val in the hall again after Dr. Rack agreeing to be your lover. To start, run to the left and jump over the goats in your path. Now it is Sarah who has a problem with Cassandra, and you have the choice of leaving things as they are, or helping Cassandra explain herself to Sarah.

Dating crystal walkthrough

Tiff's patients whenever she has one. If used here, you will make an imperceptible change to Val's body in order to bind her soul without side-effects. This chance starts off very low, and increases the higher level you get. In the final puzzle room, there are four columns and each one has a switch on it. Once in the real world, you run as you hear Mr. Rack-- Once Val has reached lvl 4, you can return to the school and enter Ms. Once the Berserker is under your control, return to the library where Julia will offer to help her restore her humanity, then speak to the Berserker on the Street to have her join your party. Go into your backpack and use the Opuntia Fruit. Offer to help her. The next major plot point of this plot line starts when you have reached the Fourth Floor of the dungeon. This will lead to her coming directly to you home naked, willing to become yours if you will take her. Additionally, you can enslave her after waking her by casting Suppression. When she says "It is really nice out here though Claim your medal as a reward! You fall under the book's power as Jane reads it to the class, becoming a slave to an anonymous male student selected by the rest of the class. Dial to get a cop outfit. This will cause Ashley to be removed from your party. Julia will invite you to see that she's fixed Ashley's mind, however, it is apparent that she has not. Tiff's room to enslave her. On the first floor of the dungeon after you have reached lvl 3, when a random encounter would normally occur on other floors, there will be a chance that the Berserker will attack the party. Defeat Cassandra during your duel, then cast Grapple on her to enslave her. This starts an easy mini-game where you need to take pictures of animals that are hiding. Buying Love and Trust potions will cause her to dislike you, while Roses and Ink Bombs make her like you more. He leaves you and your party to watch for Julia if she returns to the library while he and Jane search for her themselves. Choosing to keep her will lock you out of this plot line! You can do this by choosing to test your magic on her, continue casting on her after she warns you to stop, and then keeping her.

Dating crystal walkthrough

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  1. Once you have reached the 10th floor, the next scene in the main plot occurs in Mr. There are several scenes available, of which you need to see at least one.

  2. You are now in Julia's body instead. Once deprogrammed, return to the bedroom where Cassandra thinks that you've given Julia to her, only to be grappled and enslaved by you.

  3. Once you leave the room, you will be back to free-roaming; though the party members you took with you to your mind will be unavailable if you did not enslave them.

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