Dating disasters and how to avoid them

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That Moment Your Date Bails Without You Knowing...

Lewis stopped the match at 3: Apart from symptoms of irritation reported in the parts of the Basel area reached by gases and vapours produced by the fire, no cases of serious illness were reported. Thousands of fans visited and the stadium filled with flowers, scarves and other tributes. The Final Bell has been rung. Be aware too that the Demonic Controllers of Earth through Governments have attempted to obfuscate the Truth about Planet X and the disasters to come which will cause great devastation. When the gates were opened, thousands of fans entered a narrow tunnel leading to the rear of the terrace into two overcrowded central pens pens 3 and 4 , creating pressure at the front. Mass Food Poisonings Outbreaks of food poisoning can be caused by toxic chemicals released into the environment through the use of chemicals in the handling and processing of food. It is the energy of maximal destruction of all Evil. My message has been totally ignored. Fans outside could hear cheering as the teams came on the pitch ten minutes before the match started, and as the match kicked off, but could not gain entrance. After numerous investigations, poisoned fish emerged as the probable culprit, and in the disease was produced experimentally by feeding cats with fish caught in the bay. That is how they, the Evil Ones, have been surviving all this time since the inception of the Physical Dimension resulting from the Celestial Error.

Dating disasters and how to avoid them

People presenting tickets at the wrong turnstiles and those who had been refused entry could not leave because of the crowd behind them but remained as an obstruction. Go within to assess the value, to you, of this information! At this point, we have to take the information on trust. And, as we can see, they are Hell-bound in their attempts to destroy themselves and everyone else on the globe. Nearly one-fourth of those who survived the acute phase required later hospitalization for neuromuscular alterations. With this energy, Viables feel serene, joyous, happy and confident, inspite of fragmenting, ever-deteriorating conditions on Earth. A source of organic mercury had to be sought, and it was eventually found in a factory discharging its effluent into Minamata Bay. To advise of a copper deficiency is strange as it is almost unheard of in the UK. The bodies we have now as humans are a recent production. As the disaster unfolded, the events were relayed live to the Saturday sports show, Grandstand. What I say will happen, will happen, and that is simply because I say it will happen. Thousands of fans visited and the stadium filled with flowers, scarves and other tributes. It is part of my role to do so. That is what it is supposed to do. Black pepper was at the top of the list, followed by green grapes and kale. He is still alive as of Possibly connected to the excitement, a surge in pen 3 caused one of its metal crush barriers to give way, [37] thrusting people forward on top of one another, and into the pen's front fences. On 1 November , shortly after midnight, a fire developed in a warehouse operated by the multinational pharmaceutical company Sandoz in Schweizerhalle, 10 km southeast of Basel, and some 30 tons of the chemicals stored in the warehouse were drained along with water from the fire-fighting into the nearby River Rhine. Follow my advice and attempt to attain the Supra Mental Consciousness which will supply you with the answers you need. Overt Disasters Overt disasters are environmental releases which leave no ambiguity about their sources and their potential harm. Use that form guide of my past performances and what I have revealed about the coming End of the Earth and about conditions in the Endtime to assess my accuracy. Alas, they greatly outnumber the Viables with the Truth within. Urbanization Clothes hang neatly and visibly in these Jakarta dwellings on the water near a dump. I warn you that any information you receive via this Pathway to the SMC is for you only, and not to be shared, unless you are told to do so. Many uninjured fans assisted the injured; several attempted CPR and others tore down advertising hoardings to use as stretchers. As the Panel explained in their report:

Dating disasters and how to avoid them

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  1. Turnstiles numbered 1 to 10, 10 in all, provided access to 9, seats in the North Stand; a further 6 turnstiles numbered 11 to 16 provided access to 4, seats in the upper tier of the West Stand.

  2. This was the Planet X Constellation — the dwarf Star and its eight circulating planets and moons.

  3. Did they spot the iron deficiency? There is no doubt that this fragmentation is occurring.

  4. Technical inspection, maintenance, facility modification, training and selecting of suitable personnel must be carried out according to standard quality control procedures for major hazard installations. That is how things stand, as you will be able to confirm retrospectively.

  5. The information should be gathered and arranged systematically, and should be accessible to all parties concerned within the industry and outside the industry.

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