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One sub-pattern I call the "swooping eagle". How embarrassing, the inserts got mixed up on this and the goose call for the photo shoot. Old hard rubber, three piece call. Charles Haddon Perdew Duck Call. Plastic reed call with very unique and pretty wood, has some tiger striping and some spaulding, not shown in pic. This is the call lying in front on the right. I have also stated they are much louder than the standard Olt keyhole call. Signed on bottom of tone board. It is eating-too-much-chocolate easy. The appearance of the rules in October marks the endpoint of this period. A mix of seriousness added in would make these profiles perfect! At the time, I didn't realize they were for diving duck and wondered how anyone ever called a duck with one. It came into existance because of Mr Sounderman's efforts to make the Magnum line of calls which were short lived because of a poor choice of names. It is much louder than the Olt D-2 keyhole as is. In Paul's hand writing, in pen, it says:

Double your dating book sale

Known as the million dollar duck call, they do have a good sound. Better sound than most I have heard, I believe it could still call a duck. Very light wear on insert and a few light marks on barrel. This call is brand new to the market from a northern Illinois town, having been in one family for generations. This one stands out from the crowd. Beautiful workmanship from a man left partially blind by a disease in Olt Regular Crow Call. It goes in the older, taped box on the left. One especially enticing bit, hand written was the offer of a cherry "magnum" call only available at the Stuttgart location. Or any other call made in Illinois before ? Olt made the three piece version of the C-3 from to Everybody knows that, but people still go into business. Nowadays, that would be called "braille-proof". Now I have support whenever I am going through a difficult time or when I need to step up and play a bigger game. Elsewhere I have tolld the story about hunting in my Barneagat sneakbox with nothing in the sky. Slightly slimmer and, I think, even more graceful than others I have listed recently. This call has a lot going for it. A good friend told me a story of one hunt he was on. Glynn really loved good wood. Reply Radio Wright February 27, , 6: So, based on the sets I've seen, if you find the word "Corp. Glynn was carful not to sing over the prettiest part of the wood. What more is there to say? This is one such call. Again, these two call were owned by the same father-son team as several above have been. What happened to the Top Secret profiles? All hard rubber, Keyhole, Registered trademark, call in Excellent condition.

Double your dating book sale

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