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GTA IV Girlfriends

When the dealer moves around corners, run to get closer. Remain stationary in the car and look out for the loan sharks. Heading north means crossing the toll bridge. Park at the marked location in front of the Discount Hardware and Roman will exit. Fire and deliver a non-lethal wound to put the actor out of commission. Check the mini-map often to note the position of enemy guards. Be careful about shooting him from too far away, though. Grab your parked vehicle and pursue Vlad. Pull up to the marker in front of the station. Find it in a back alley just off the road. Brucie wants to whack some witnesses. Drive along the marked route and take Little Jacob to his destination.

Gta iv dating guide sobohoe

So much for easy as can be! When you wake up, your wanted level will be down, and you will still have the pistol. Drive quickly and get out of the flashing wanted zone indicated on the mini-map. Chase down the drug dealers in your car. Chapter 1 - Story Walk-through This section provides walk-throughs for all of the single-player story missions. Find it in a back alley just off the road. The cops will come through that door, and you can simply pick them off with your new pistol. Descend the subway platform and exit the station. You get a call from Roman about the family business. You will reach a voice menu that allows you to call the police by dialing "1", an ambulance by dialing "2", or a fire truck by dialing "3". After an initial wait time you will get an email with details about your first date with her. Plus there may be a girl for you. Killing pedestrians without fighting You can kill most pedestrians by repeatedly running into them against walls. Go with Jacob to the front door. You automatically call Dimitri with the good news. It looks like a glowing red rectangle. Get to the clothes shop on Mohawk and buy some new clothes. Go to the left to get in between a tall building and a smaller one. As you return to your car, expect a call from Vlad that concludes the task. He thinks it might be a set up but that might just be the influence talking. A complete walk-through of the single-player game with tips on completing all mission objectives. Push into the side of the van and attempt to ram it off of the road. Then, just sit there for about five seconds instead of flooring past it. You should now have an option to wear a bra. Three vans appear on your map. Return to her car and drive Michelle back to her apartment.

Gta iv dating guide sobohoe

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  1. This will also cause bodyguards with shotguns to chase after you. Regaining health during missions You can leave the mission area and go to a Cluckin' Bell, hotdog stand, etc.

  2. The Securicar will start again, allowing you to do the last amount of damage to get it to catch on fire and explode.

  3. Take Jermaine to Gibson Street. Killing blind firing enemies To take out an enemy that is blind firing, aim for his shooting arm or hand while it is exposed.

  4. Go to Guantanamo Ave in South Bohan. No wanted level when arrested When you are being arrested by a cop, instead of pressing X immediately, press L3 to crouch.

  5. This first date is the most important as it will determine whether Nico will be able to get their phone number and continue dating them.

  6. He needs you to take it by the carwash before heading to the lockup. Go with Jacob to the front door.

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