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Radioactive Dating

Next we shall examine in detail some specific examples. In addition, Woodmorappe gives over sets of dates "that are in gross conflict with one another and with expected values for their indicated paleontological positions. There are other good reasons for rejecting the claim that light once had a much higher velocity. It is also being claimed that the standard deviations are not too large. Do different methods agree with each other on the geologic column? Thus, the world moved from a warm, tropical climate to an ice age only a few thousand years ago. This is measured directly. For rocks that are being dated, contamination with atmospheric argon is a persistent problem that is mentioned a number of times. The fourth assumption is probably satisfied for most samples. It will probably fail, but what would a reasonable person conclude from that? Also, in order to supply any large quantity of water, to flood high mountains for example, and reliable translations of the Bible do mention high mountains, this asteroid would have to be huge -- huge enough to exterminate almost every living thing on the earth and in the sea. For isochrons, which we will discuss later, the conditions are different. The number of dates that disagree with the expected ages is not insignificant. At the moment of formation, as two nucleii collide, the uranium nucleus will be somewhat unstable, and thus very likely to decay into its daughter element.

Radiometric dating made easy

The shroud itself appears to show a person who was crucified and is an object of some veneration because of its supposed association with Christ. Now, there is probably not much argon in a rock to start with. Modern lava flows often come down the sides of volcanoes, and thus become separated from their source by large distances. There are several important things to note about these results. The concept, unfortunately, is a mass of scientific and biblical contradictions. Biblical infallibility was cited in defense of a flat earth as late as in Zion, Illinois, by Christian radio evangelist Wilbur Glenn Voliva. Now, several factors need to be considered when evaluating how often methods give expected ages on the geologic column. The difficulties associated are numerous and listed as follows: Thus crystals, as they form, may have tiny imperfections that accept parent and daughter products in the same ratios as they occur in the lava, so one can inherit ages from the lava into minerals in this way. The K-T Tektites One of the most exciting and important scientific findings in decades was the discovery that a large asteroid, about 10 kilometers diameter, struck the earth at the end of the Cretaceous Period. As one goes further down in the ice core, the ice becomes more compacted than near the surface, and individual yearly layers are slightly more difficult to observe. There is some difficulty in determining the decay constants for the KAr40 system. Coffin with Robert H. At the moment of formation, as two nucleii collide, the uranium nucleus will be somewhat unstable, and thus very likely to decay into its daughter element. Telescopes allow us to see supernovae exploding stars at distances so vast that the pictures take hundreds of thousands to millions of years to arrive at the Earth. If the pressure of Ar40 were greater, one could obtain even greater ages. The previous record was 3. At the start, let me clarify that my main concern is not the age of the earth, the moon, or the solar system, but rather the age of life, that is, how long has life existed on earth. This would result in larger K-Ar ages lower down, but lower ages nearer the surface. The same is true regarding gravitational, magnetic, and electric fields, as well as the chemical state in which the atom resides. We can also date things that have happened since rather well because of the sudden jump in radiocarbon on Earth, so that it is possible to figure out within years sometimes, the date of a sample. If more excess argon were present, then we could get much older ages. It would make a giant meteorite impact look like small potatoes! One cannot always use an isochron, since many minerals may have about the same K and Ar40 concentrations, and there may be some fractionation of argon among the minerals. This is a list of resources, some on the web, some not, which can be consulted by anyone interested in learning more about how radiometric dating is done, or in responding to arguments criticising radiometric dating. Most sedimentary rocks are thought to lose Argon because the crystal structure leaks Argon.

Radiometric dating made easy

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  1. The fossils, when combined with geologic mapping, allow the various exposed sections of the Pierre Shale to be pieced together in their proper relative positions to form a complete composite section Figure 1.

  2. However, when they turn around and say that the data supports the evolutionary viewpoint and not the Creationary viewpoint.

  3. And even for this one, the results were not very good. Substituting this in equation 6 gives If one chooses to use P to designate the parent atom, the expression assumes its familiar form:

  4. Violation of cogenetic requirement One of the requirements for isochron dating is that the samples be cogenetic, meaning that they all formed at about the same time from a common pool of material in which the relevant elements and isotopes were distributed reasonably homogeneously.

  5. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of such examples, as I indicate, and it is reasonable to assume that some of these examples would be natural.

  6. A ratio of infinity that is, all daughter and no parent means an age of essentially infinity. So this factor can be used to estimate the amount of Argon 40 that has come into the rock via Atmospheric contamination.

  7. The creationist writer Morton cites data published by Hunt indicating that the carbon in the coal alone is 50 times that in the entire present biosphere! There exists a series of different elements, each of them in a steady state where they form at the same rate as they disintegrate.

  8. In areas where tremendous tectonic activity has taken place, highly discordant values for the ages are obtained.

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