The gagliano method of dating fender amps

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Is my Fender Guitar Amp a vintage Fender Amp?

ASAT 50 Limited edition model from Why this was done I am not exactly sure it wasn't done on the Strat. I think the better, older hands did 35 a day. Lead pickup has a tin or sometimes copper baseplate used for ground. Probably the same as the pots and transformers that we just dug out of the boxes. Body date in neck pocket. White single layer ABS pickguard. For basses, the gauges are. Most featured an ash body finished in cherry sunburst, with a maple neck, though many exceptions exist. Tele Thinline was introduced late In fall of peghead logo changes to a larger black decal. Some serial numbers have a letter prefix plus 4-digits instead of the usual 5- or 6-digits. The primary design goal of the ASAT Super was to bring substantially more girth to the bridge pickup for overdriven tones, while maintaining the characteristic sparkle of the ASAT Magnetic Field Design pickups and good balance between the output levels of the two pickups. Must have just been a handful of samples. I will present my hypothesis here and let Greg present his side of the story in a future article. Traweek Not only can I describe it for you, but thanks once again to Greg Gagliano we can actually show you what it looks like!

The gagliano method of dating fender amps

Unlike serial numbers used for most Fender guitars and basses, we know that serial number sequences are unique to a particular model or a family of models of amplifiers. Decal attachment was the last assembly step, so NoCasters with a February neck date are seen. In late , we changed to the D'Addario brand. These models February to summer are known as "NoCasters". Is Bathtub aka swimming pool routing a "bad thing"? Last of the drilled top loading bridges used up. Note some early NoCasters do not have the diagonal route. String tree changes from round button to "butterfly" clip. Most featured an ash body finished in cherry sunburst, with a maple neck, though many exceptions exist. Less than 35 were produced. The Rosewood Telecaster, introduced in , had a neck and body made from solid rosewood. This can really be seen on well-used Teles, because the poly finish does not yellow, where the lacquer peghead finish does. Telecasters were offered with a mahogany body and a translucent red finish. Bridge saddles change from smooth to threaded saddles. Note the removal of the voltage selector switch and hard-wiring. Introduced as a standard model in to present. The chassis weren't used chronologically. Steel bridge saddles till November , then brass with flat bottoms. Single layer thick white pickguard though some custom color Teles used three layer celluloid mint green pickguard, as also used on the Custom Telecaster. Tuners change from "single line" Kluson Deluxe to "double line" Kluson Deluxe where "Kluson" and "Deluxe" are now in two vertical parallel lines. It provides flexibility for altering pickups e. Round button string tree 1st month models don't have one. Four digit serial number on bridge plate, starting with "00" or "0". For example, the serial numbers for 5F6 and 5F6-A Bassman amps run from BM to BM therefore we can conclude that there were about 4, units made. One thing we know for sure is that production codes can help date an amp to a particular month within a given model run.

The gagliano method of dating fender amps

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  1. The wiring used a. The first few models have a peghead logo the same as a regular Telecaster.

  2. Even though CBS officially bought Fender in , it took until the fall of for the changes to really make a difference.

  3. Greg and I also disagree about determining production from serial numbers. Milled chrome plated brass jack cup with ribbing on sides to hold jack inside the body hole - no other attachment method used.

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