Validating rapid micro methods

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What is Rapid Product Validation

Because an exhaustive microbiological testing plan will be completed during the PQ at the initial qualification facility, it is not necessary for the secondary facility to repeat this testing in its entirety when a like-for-like instrument is installed. For quantitative tests, this is predicted from: RMMs can assist in more immediate decisions on in-process material. Precision can be subdivided into: How many personnel will the validation require? Qualitative Methods Accuracy and Precision, a presence absence test: For some validation parameters, it is much easier for the RMM vendor to perform the validation experiments. Robustness and ruggedness Robustness is the reliability of a method or test to withstand small but deliberate variations due to external influence. Additionally, sufficient data will be required to evaluate whether the data from the RMM is statistically greater than the method being replaced, and whether the data warrants a modification to baseline acceptance levels or product specifications see additional information on changing acceptance criteria. Limit of Quantification LOQ is the lowest number of microorganisms in a test sample that can be enumerated with acceptable accuracy and precision under the stated experimental conditions. RMMs can be applied to a range of microbiological tests, including raw materials, water, intermediate products, final products, and environmental monitoring. However, prior to testing with actual product or test samples, these materials should be assessed for their potential to cause background noise, interference, false positive or false negative results see Method Suitability below. With several different technologies available on the marketplace, the microbiologist has a difficult, and sometimes expensive, choice to make in selecting the optimal method. Rapid indicates that the method gives a faster time-to-result and alternative indicates that the method differs from one presented in a recognized pharmacopeia These methods aim to decrease the time at which once can detect actively growing microorganisms.

Validating rapid micro methods

Assistance in Developing Your RMM Validation Plan The development of a meaningful and comprehensive validation strategy can be a significant undertaking. For example, the introduction of a method with a higher level of sensitivity needs to be aligned with the existing bioburden in raw materials, environment, and finished products. Precision is associated with the use of the method within the same laboratory over a short period of time using the same analyst with the same equipment also referred as repeatability, within-run variability or intra-assay precision. Additionally, the site hosts a comparative rapid method product matrix, blog, calendar of events, newsletter, and an extensive reference page for rapid method publications and white papers that are either in print or available online. These methods generally involve the measurement of biochemical or physiological parameters that reflect the growth of microorganisms. Ruggedness is the degree of intermediate precision or reproducibility of test results obtained by assessing the same samples under a variety of normal test conditions, such as different analysts, different instruments, different lots of reagents or on different days. Ideal generation times wider according to different microbial species. These methods are applied to the monitoring of cleanrooms. Precision Precision is the closeness of agreement between a series of test results or the variation in a series of test results, when a method is applied repeatedly to multiple samples. With alternative methods the aim is to verify the detection capability of the alternative method. Optical Spectroscopy Optical spectroscopy methods utilize light scattering and other optical techniques to detect, enumerate, and identify microorganisms e. Here, RMMs enable quicker responses to out-of-trend situations through providing real-time or near real-time results. The key points of ensuring the method is validated and shows acceptable recovery rates or accurate identification does not differ whether rapid or conventional methods are used RMMs can be applied to a range of microbiological tests, including raw materials, water, intermediate products, final products, and environmental monitoring. For some validation parameters, it is much easier for the RMM vendor to perform the validation experiments. A statistically significant number of replicates should be used. Other advantages include labor efficiency and error reduction. Predictive Value For qualitative tests such as the sterility test or growth of selective media, the use of positive or negative predictive values may be appropriate. This is normally by the percentage of microorganisms recovered by the method. Precision is the degree of agreement among individual test results when the procedure is applied repeatedly to multiple samplings of the same suspension of microorganisms and using different suspensions across the range of the test. RMMs and alternative microbiological methods include any microbiological technique or process that increases the speed or efficiency of isolating, culturing, or identifying microorganisms when compared with conventional methods 4. Who else is using them? Validation Parameters In studying a microbiological method, different validation parameters require assessment. Direct Measurement Direct measurement is where individual cells are differentiated and visualized e. The validation strategy should reflect the RMM selected.

Validating rapid micro methods

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  1. Attention should be paid to the best method for neutralizing any anti-microbial properties. This is measured by correlation coefficient or a goodness of fit test such as Chi-Square.

  2. This can be assessed by determining the recovery of known quantities of a microorganism that has been added to a sample.

  3. Range Range is the interval between the upper and lower levels of microbial count, for which the procedure has been established as suitable with accuracy, linearity if appropriate, where there is requirement to construct a curve , and precision. This may be a single microorganism such as a test for coliforms or a range such as a general bioburden test.

  4. Risk-benefit analysis should focus on In some cases, a direct comparison is not possible for example, two different models of particle counter cannot be directly compared because they will not be sampling the same volume of air.

  5. If the rapid method will lead to a reduction in human error If there is a reduction in subjectivity Whether the alternative method will detect more accurately in comparison to a conventional method? Here, RMMs enable quicker responses to out-of-trend situations through providing real-time or near real-time results.

  6. This is measured by correlation coefficient or a goodness of fit test such as Chi-Square.

  7. Appropriateness A new method or test must demonstrate that it is appropriate for its intended use. For example, the commonly used range for microorganism recovery is less than CFU for total count techniques.

  8. Limit of Detection This is the lowest number of microorganisms which can be detected, but not necessarily quantified such as a low level challenge under the stated experimental conditions.

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